Introducing: The Ressence Type 1ZZ

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Watch boutiques can sometimes be stodgy places where sitting in a lush leather armchair and sipping champagne feel more like a punishment than a pleasure. Chronopassion in Paris is not one of those places. Proprietor Laurent Picciotto can often be seen rocking a wallet chain with his double breasted suits, and if you visit the store he’s just as likely to show you his collection of vintage guitars as he is to pitch you on the latest watches (mostly independents, with an eye toward haute horology). So when I heard that Picciotto was collaborating with the mad Belgian scientists at Ressence, I knew we were in for something good.

Luckily I wasn’t disappointed at all. The Type 1ZZ is a limited edition version of the brand’s best known watch, available in a unique black tone-on-tone colorway. It wouldn’t be quite right to say it’s all “all black,” since Ressence describes the dial discs as actually being dark grey instead of true black. This little bit of contrast is highly effective, and, from what I can see here, when paired with the matte black DLC treatment of the case it gives the piece more depth than it would have were it to be truly one color. The ZZ in the name come from two places: it’s both a reference to ZZ Top, one of Picciotto’s favorite bands, and it stands for “zwart zwart” or “black black” in Flemish. Aside from the color treatment, this is exactly the same Type 1 Slim that was released back in January at SIHH 2019.

There are only 20 of these pieces, and they’re available exclusively through Chronopassion.


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